Agricultural Scientific Society of Namibia




1.1         The name of the society is the ďAgricultural Scientific Society of NamibiaĒ, hereafter called ďAGRISSONĒ or ďthe SocietyĒ.

1.2         AGRISSON is a corporate body and can in itís own capacity act as a claimant or defendant in any legal matters in order to reach itís objectives. 

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The objectives of the society are:

2.1         to promote the agricultural sciences by stimulation of thought, mind, studies and discussion;

2.2         to promote the application of the agricultural scientific principles;

2.3         to protect the status of the profession;

2.4         to promote the professional interests of agricultural scientists;

2.5         to act as official mouthpiece and representative of all agricultural scientists in Namibia;

2.6         to promote the awareness of agriculture as a field of study and as a career to the studying youth as well as the public;

2.7         to communicate with internal and external organizations and individuals that can contribute meaningful towards achieving the societyís objectives.

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3.1         AGRISSON may host national conferences.

3.2         AGRISSON may organize or support national and regional lectures, symposia and discussions on an ad hoc basis.

3.3         AGRISSON may publish and / or support agricultural scientific publications on an ad hoc basis.

3.4         AGRISSON may affiliate or collaborate with other organizations.

3.5         AGRISSON may permit other organizations to affiliate or support the society if such affiliation or support will promote itís objectives. Affiliation with AGRISSON is subject to stipulations laid down by AGRISSON.

3.6         AGRISSON may financially, or in any other way, support meritorious activities of any of itís members, if such activities promote the objectives of the society.

3.7         AGRISSON may in a meritorious case make a grant to any of itís members and / or to any  other organization.

3.8         AGRISSON may take any legal steps to support the objectives of the society.

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4.1         The membership of AGRISSON consists of ordinary members and fellow members.

4.1.1        An ordinary member is a person who has obtained a two / three year Diploma in Agriculture, a B.(Agric) or B.Sc.(Agric) Degree or an equivalent qualification.

4.1.2.      Fellow members are persons who have an interest in the agricultural sciences because of their occupation, position or experience.

4.2         Membership applications should be made on a form prescribed for that purpose.

     4.2.1    Membership applications will be evaluated on merit by the Executive Committee of the society.

4.3         Obligations of  members.

4.3.1    Membership fees are determined from time to time during the general meeting and must be paid three months after the beginning of the financial year or three months after the person has been appointed as a member.

4.3.2        All members must immediately notify the Executive Committee of any change of address.

4.3.3    All members of AGRISSON are subject to the stipulations of this constitution.

4.4     The rights of members.

     4.4.1    All members are entitled:

(a)           to a membership list annually;

(b)          to receive all newsletters and announcements or notices that AGRISSON may release;

(c)           to any other publication that AGRISSON may publish;

(d)          to receive preferential treatment at conferences, symposia and other meetings that are  hosted by AGRISSON.

4.4.2      Ordinary members have equal votes at general meetings.

4.4.3    Fellow members do not have a vote at general meetings.

4.4.4    All members have the right to participate in discussions and to submit their suggestions at general meetings.

4.4         Suspension of rights and termination of membership:

4.4.1        The rights of a member (as stipulated in Article 4.4) whose membership fee is outstanding for one year or longer are automatically suspended until such time that the outstanding fee is paid.

4.4.2        The membership of those members whose membership fee is overdue for more than two years can be terminated by the Executive Committee. Termination of membership does not exempt him/her of outstanding liabilities towards AGRISSON.

4.4.3        The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of any member who has performed a misconduct which may jeopardize the objectives and activities of the society.

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5.1         The Executive Committee of AGRISSON consists of five members: a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and an editor.

5.2         Only ordinary members may be elected for the Executive Committee, they are eligible for re-election.

5.3         The term of office of all the newly-elected Executive Committee members commences after all documents have been handed over to the newly-elected Executive Committee, fourteen days after the general meeting in which the new Executive Committee has been elected. The handing over must include all financial documents and all records shall be up to date.

5.3.1        A person ceases to be a member of the Executive Committee in case of one of the following:

(a)               expiry of the personís normal term as described in Article 5.3;

(b)               written resignation of the committee member;

(c)               expiry of membership to AGRISSON.

5.4         Vacancies that may occur in the Executive Committee shall be filled at the first general meeting by way of an election.

5.5         At Executive Committee meetings three committee members form a quorum.

5.6         The Executive Committee may invite any person to attend a committee meeting in an acting and / or advisory capacity. Such persons will have no right to vote at the committee meetings.

5.7         The vote of the majority of the committee members present at a committee meeting, is the decision of the committee. In the case of a tie in the voting on a matter, the chairman, or the person presiding in his place, has, except for his own vote, the deciding vote.

5.8         When during a general meeting of AGRISSON there is a tie in voting, the chairman or his substitute has, except for his own vote, the deciding vote.

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6.1         Nominations and the election is carried out by secret votes at the time of the general meeting of AGRISSON. Each member as described in Article 4.1.1 and 4.4.2 is entitled to one vote per vacancy for which there is to be voted. If a nominated member is not present at the general meeting, then such a member must signify beforehand in writing that he / she is prepared to stand for election.

6.2         The sequence of the voting shall be:

(a)        firstly for a chairman;

(b)       secondly for a vice-chairman;

(c)        thirdly for a the secretary;

(d)       fourthly for a treasurer;

(e)        fifthly for an editor.

6.3         The chairman can only be elected if the candidate has an absolute majority in the specific casting of votes. Other committee members may be elected with an ordinary majority of votes in the election.

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7.1         The Executive Committee has the authority to allow the execution of the objectives of AGRISSON, including:

7.1.1             calling of a general meeting or any other special meeting;

7.1.2             constituting special committees out of the ranks of AGRISSON and co-opting ad hoc members;

7.1.3             distributing notices to members of AGRISSON and authorizing publications on behalf of AGRISSON;

7.1.4             revealing any resolution of the society on behalf of AGRISSON;

7.1.5             submission of recommendations to the general meeting;

7.1.6             control over the financial matters of AGRISSON;

7.1.7             in the event of a vacancy, the Executive Committee may co-opt a member for the remaining term, who shall have a vote in the Executive Committee.

7.2         The Executive Committee may decide to collaborate with other organisations or individuals as stipulated in Article 3.5.

7.3         The Executive Committee has control over the admission of members to the society and shall exercise fair discipline over itís members.

7.4         The Executive Committee has the power to end any memberís membership (see Article 4.5).

7.5         The Executive Committee shall put into execution the orders of a general meeting.

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8.1         A general meeting must be held at least once in two years, at a place, date and time as stipulated by the Executive Committee.

8.2         A quorum for a general meeting is a third of the corporate members of the society at the time of that meeting.

8.2.1        Should a quorum not be present, the meeting adjourns for thirty minutes, after which the members present automatically constitute  a quorum.

8.3         Meetings, as stipulated in Articles 3.1 and 3.2, may be organized with given notice by the Executive Committee.

8.4         If the Executive Committee is requested in writing by at least two-thirds of the Societyís members, it is forced to arrange a special general meeting.

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9.1         AGRISSON is a society without a motive of profit.

9.2         The financial year extends from the 1 November till the 31 October of the following year.

9.3         At the general meeting the income- and expenditure statements, which reveal the financial position of the society, must be submitted.

9.4         With dissolution of the society the meeting that has been organized for the dissolution may decide what to do with the available funds. Dissolution may only occur if two-thirds of the societyís members present at the meeting decide to dissolve.

9.5         Membership fees are determined at the general meeting.

9.6         All cheques cashed on behalf of AGRISSON must be signed by the treasurer as well as one other committee member.

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10.1     The language medium shall be English.

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11.1     All constitutional amendments shall be passed by a two-thirds majority at the general meeting.

11.2     Notice for an amendment shall be given to members at least one month prior to the general meeting. Any proposal for amendments shall be submitted to the secretary of AGRISSON in writing two months prior to the general meeting and shall be seconded by two members.

11.3     Amendments to proposed amendments may be submitted during a specific general meeting. An amendment shall be accepted with a majority of votes.

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This Constitution was approved at the General Meeting held on the 3rd of November 1999 at Ehoro Lodge,  signed by J. F. Els (Chairman). 



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